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Hey Ladies!

My name is Tima.

I started practicing Martial Arts a few years ago in France. At the time, I was working a hectic job, and climbing the corporate ladder, it left me under a lot of stress and pressure and I was searching for some balance in my life, and some kind of release.

I was aware of how important exercise is in a healthy balanced life and tried a few different forms of exercise, bootcamps and group fitness…but nothing was getting me the results I craved.

One day I saw an ad for a Savate class-this is a form of French Kick Boxing. I was intrigued, but like most people trying something new, I was a bit nervous, and knew I would be stepping out of my comfort zone.

I took the plunge and turned up to the class, after one session I knew this was the missing piece.

I was hooked and started training hard in of the best gyms in Paris the “Phoenix13”. After a few months, I added Boxing into my weekly training.

In 2014 I quit my job and moved to Byron Bay.

A new life filled with new adventures, and discovered a new Martial Art – Muay Thai. I completely fell in love with this discipline.

After a year of training, I realized my dream and had the opportunity to train in Thailand, and bring my sharpened skills back to Byron Bay to continue training, and began putting my skills to the test in competition.

Training In Martial Arts Has Helped Me Realise How Strong And Passionate
A Woman I Really Am, And Part Of My Journey Is To Share This Passion With You.

I want you to see how Martial Arts and Muay Thai can change your everyday life, not just when you are jumping into a ring to compete.

This is why I want to offer YOU an 8 week introductory FEMALES only Muay Thai class. For only $39 a week, you will have access to 3x 1hr Muay Thai sessions per week.

In these classes you will use punching bags, thai pads, kick shields and boxing gloves to learn combinations and drills.

This Means Every Class Will Offer Something New And Exciting To Keep You Motivated,
And You Will Be Having So Much Fun You Will Forget That You Are Burning Fat
And Getting Fitter Every Minute.

You will also do a variety of exercises, skipping, sit ups, push ups and stretching….all while learning the basics of Muay Thai. These exercises are all easy to learn and do, and are proven to burn fat, while getting you fitter and leaner.

My clients in the past have found these classes challenging, but empowering.

You’ll Connect With Other Women Just Like You And Will Help And Inspire Each Other To Reach Your Goals.

I learnt so much about myself and changed for the better thanks to Martial Arts and I want to help you challenge yourself, go beyond your physical and mental limits every day.

You are stronger than you think. You will open yourself, empower yourself, make a change and find the fighter inside of yourself.

My classes are for every level of fitness and experience.

If you have never done Muay Thai or martial arts before, you will be in a fun, encouraging and safe environment.

If you are already experienced-that’s fine too, we can sharpen up your current skills, and you can be an example for other girls who are just starting their journey.

My classes take place in a world class facility that will make you say “wow”, a huge focus on hygiene and cleanliness, and toilet/shower facilities that will make it easy for you to leave our sessions energized and ready to step back into your world ready to go.

Here Are Typical Results Women
Have Experienced In Only 8-Weeks:

  • Decreased Body Fat%- weight loss
  • Increase in lean muscle and strength so they look
  • and feel toned.
  • Increased fitness and lower resting heart rate.
  • Increased energy levels, focus and mental clarity
  • Increased self esteem and confidence

  • Sleep longer and more peacefully each night
  • New martial arts skillset
  • New fun friends in a great community
  • A simple and clear diet plan that allows you to eat yummy foods without starving yourself.
  • A real sense of achievement and pride when you see your transformation.

Here’s What You Get With Your Free 7-Day Pass
To Week #1 Of The Fierce Females Transformation Challenge

  • You get a personal one-on-one consultation with me where we’ll discuss your goals and how we’ll help you achieve them fast. (If you have an injuries or anything we’ll discuss this.)
  • You get access to the first full week of The 8-Week Fierce Females Transformation Challenge (3 classes.) As well, you can try any other class on our timetable over the 7 days. Jiu-Jitsu, Striking (Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA)
  • You get Week #1 of the Transformation Meal Plan, we’re going to show you exactly how to eat so you transform your body fast. The meals are quick and easy to make and taste amazing.
  • You get access to 1 Yoga stretch class. These classes are great for your
    mind and body. You’ll leave feeling fresh and full of energy.

So what are you waiting for?

Claim your 7-Day $14 Pass Now and lock-in one of the 20 spots available.

Without motivation, accountability and variation-training, nothing is going to change for you.

Imagine a new fitter, leaner, toned you in 2017, take that first step and let us help you get the body you want.

Let’s get you in the best shape of your life.


P.S Come in and try it all out, see and feel how the classes begin to tone, strengthen… and forces your body to burn through fat. Claim your 7-Day Pass now and experience week #1 of the 8-Week Fierce Females Transformation Challenge.

**Be sure to grab your spot as last time we booked out within 7 days**

Get Free 7-Day Pass Here


I Literally Am Blown Away By The Multiple Ways This Experience Has Transformed My World And I Totally Get This, Is Just The Beginning!!


A few months ago I went to meet a couple of girlfriends for a coffee at the industrial estate in Byron, we followed a sign that lead us to the #ExtremeMMAByron gym went in and ordered our drinks, I remember saying to my friend “ohh i don’t think i could come and train at a gym like this it would be far to intimidating!!!” We sat outside had our drinks and left….. Little did i know 🙂

Around the same time I had been feeling super anxious and stressed, healing from the ending of a relationship and finding, work, study, home, life balance to be totally out of balance, I knew things needed to shift!

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Also after a huge 7 year healing journey with dis-ease and major surgery, finally it felt time to really reawaken my physical body, gain more focus and discipline of the mental and integrate some of the crazy/weird/wonderful experiences of the last while

I had started smoking again and had become more of a daily thing, rather than the odd one here and there, so decided to quit and saw an advert for an 8 week transformation program and felt magnetised to try it out, I asked my Bro Joe Hempstead if he would come with me and then asked fellow Warriors Brad Heydon and Trudy Johnston if they wanted to come too, so it turned out that this was the same place I went for coffee a few months ago!

Our first session was Muay Thai Kickboxing, I had not picked up a skipping rope for Years!! Nor had I heard of a funky or a burpie and all the other crazy strengthening, conditioning exercises 🙂

My nervousness turned to laughter as I felt my lack of fitness and uncoordinated skills tickling the jester in me, the gift of being able to laugh (a lot) at myself has definitely supported this journey!

Something else happened in that session too, I started to feel a very supportive energy in the gym, kind and aware people supporting us to feel relaxed, part of the team and genuine involvement and encouragement.

These guys and girls were walking their talk and examples of what I had been yearning to connect with in this field, badass warriors with heart, passion and purpose <3

The crew that showed up were also all really ready to give it their all.

We are just about to complete our 8 weeks and I had to share this because it has had such a profound shift in my reality and has totally supported me to get my mojo back.

It has been a powerful journey of reclaiming my body, finding an inner courage, playfulness and peacefulness, also giving myself permission to express my sacred fire in healthy and channelled ways, to witness the improvement of my co-ordination on the mat but also in all areas of my life.

I literally am blown away by the multiple ways this experience has transformed my world and I totally get this is just the beginning!!

Sharing this with my Bro has been Magical, bonding and supportive!!I have sweat, laughed, cried and got to know myself much more intimately and am finding the ripples deeply nourishing and inspiring.

If you have ever felt the urge to try something different, totally change your life, shift your perception, GO FOR IT!! Feel the fear and jump in full heart power!

I wish to give a huge shout out to the team at #ExtremeMartialArtsByronBay Massive gratitude to Andrew Dennis, Tim Tima, Jared and Daniel for your care and excellence… Respect!

I Have Loved The Mix Of Sessions, The Great Team Of People And The Supportive Environment.


I would definitely recommend Extreme MMA. I joined up for the 8 week challenge and have loved the mix of sessions, the great team of people and the supportive environment.

The coaches (and staff) are all fabulous, friendly and very experienced.

The environment could potentially have been quite intimidating but it was not at all and everyone was so enthusiastic and encouraging – so much so that my 7 year old daughter has also signed up for Muay Thai and like me, loves it!

I look forward to many more early morning sessions to kick start the day!

The Eight Week Challenge For Me Was Such A Great Transformation Both Mentally And Physically.


My post Christmas bad habits needed a shake up and focusing on something besides being lazy and eating bad food, was what I needed

I loved the daily commitment, support, expectations and variety in training.

Arriving every morning was such a great way to start the day especially with a team of other people who all seemed to want the same thing.

The eight weeks really pulled me out of my rut and now I feel motivated to continue to train.

I’m definitely not going to be a fighter but the training is awesome!