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    Extreme MMA offers a wide range of martial arts classes. From beginners to experienced fighters, there’s a Chadstone MMA class for you.

    Attend Chadstone MMA under expert guidance

    If you want to learn excellent MMA in Chadstone then you need the best teachers. Extreme MMA offers MMA classes led by superb fighters. Their skills, experience, and success are second to none. At Extreme MMA we believe that every one who steps through out doors, beginner or expert, deserves only the very best instructors. And so that is exactly what we deliver. Whether you dream of being a competitive fighter, or are simply looking to gain strength and fitness, our Chadstone MMA classes will deliver. Our fighters will train you expertly, enabling you to discover all that MMA has to offer. But it’s not just about the trainers…

    We provide world class MMA training facilities

    If you are looking for the best facilities for Chadstone MMA, your search is over. Extreme MMA provides world class MMA facilities. We are passionate about MMA, and want you to discover that same passion. By providing expert training and superb facilities, we have the utmost confidence that you will thrive at Extreme MMA. Our facilities are well equipped with top quality equipment and training apparatus. No matter your level of experience, you will enjoy MMA training like a pro!

    We are committed to promoting MMA in Chadstone so that more people can experience the mental and physical benefits of the martial arts. Although we take care to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere in our training facilities, we are nevertheless dedicated to the discipline inherent in MMA. Discipline, focus, and precision are just some of the skills you will learn. And that’s aside from sheer physical power and fitness.

    To discover the world of MMA in Chadstone, contact us today!

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