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Get The Fittest You’ve Ever Been…
While Taking Your First Steps Into
The Exciting World Of Brazilian JiuJitsu

At The Academy our vision is to help transform your body, mind and soul through dedication to Martial Arts. There is a warrior inside of you that you may or may not know is there, and we have dedicated ourselves to showing him or her to you.

Many people we meet have a fascination with Martial Arts, and a voice inside their head telling them to jump in and try it, but many of us have a louder voice that tells us we are not good enough, fit enough, or strong enough to go outside of our comfort zone.

It’s time to silence that voice, and listen to the warrior within.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the most effective form of self defence on the planet, and is the fastest growing Martial Art worldwide. We want you to experience this amazing sport, and the healthy lifestyle choices that come along with it.

If you have ever thought of giving Martial Arts a go, the time is now – we’ve developed a program specifically for people with little to no martial arts experience that will give you an amazing foundation of self defence techniques that also translate perfectly into the sport of Jiu Jitsu.


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Matt Mccourt - Rhys Dykes1Matt Mccourt & Rhys Dykes
Asst BJJ Coach / BJJ Professor
Daniel Almeida1Daniel Almeida
BJJ Professor / MMA Coach

The ready to Roll Program is the first of it’s kind in Australia. It’s specifically designed for beginners and novices aged 14 and above.

It’s a 12 week program that will teach all of the fundamental basics of the fastest growing martial art in the world.

Ready To Roll Is A 12 Week BJJ Training Camp That Will Take You From Where Ever You Are Right Now In Health, Fitness, Self Confidence, Skill And Fast Track You To The Next Level.

You’ll Have The Opportunity To Train With A Group Of Like Minded, Friendly People And Coaches Who Are Looking To Make You The Best Version Of Yourself You Can Be.


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