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6 Health-related Reasons Why Aussies Are Escaping To Byron Bay


For those of us who are health conscious and have demanding work schedules, finding the time (or the place) for a decent getaway can be a challenge. Our bosses may be tight when it comes to giving days off, and on top of that, there’s that conflict of interest between holidaying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking vacation simply leaves a bitter-sweet feeling in our stomachs. Why? Because while we want to treat ourselves with aeroplane rides, drinks and indulgent dishes, we also don’t want to ruin any progress that’s gone towards training consistently and eating according to plan. Besides – we’ve worked relentlessly to get our habits straight, it’s discomforting to think we’ll be breaking our workout routines, or that we won’t have easy access to meal prepping and training locations. Most of all, the art of being ‘fit’ is a way of living, and that often means devoting our funds to buying quality food, PT sessions, gym memberships, workout gear and supplements. While we do reap the benefits, our bank balances tend to dry up. As a result, we don’t have too much left over for splurging on other enjoyable things.

If you find yourself relating, a quick flight to Australia’s iconic Byron Bay may be the perfect break you’ve been longing for. With a culture that thrives on personal wellbeing and staying active, immerse yourself in nutritious produce, unique fitness facilities and a ton of other bucket-list adventures that will keep your bodies and minds in tip-top condition. Score a good deal on flights and accommodation, and you’ll have yourself a worthy experience that won’t be a burden on your Mastercard. There’s a lot to gain from even just a few days in town, so keep scrolling to get an idea of how you can maintain your lifestyles, whilst enjoying the trip of your lives.

1. It will widen your comfort zone

When you dare to break out the norm, the results are enormous. Fortunately for thrill seekers, Byron Bay is a playground for all things that will get the heart racing. From rock climbing, kite surfing, kayaking, snorkelling and skydiving, visitors have the option of being on land, air or even underwater! Apply this boldness to training and discipline, and it’s easy to see the link between being courageous and realising personal improvement.

2. Get a big dose of positive vibes

One thing that’s obvious around the neighbourhood, is that everyone is super laid back and friendly. Some of us deal with difficult people all day long, and it’s refreshing to feel a hit good energy when we’re constantly tackling pressures from work and other commitments. Spending time in uplifting environments, like Byron Bay, may well be that boost you need to get you back into feeling motivated, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

3. Form better habits

Have you hit plateau in any of weight loss or fitness goals? Don’t worry – it happens to us, too. A great solution to break free from unwanted behaviours, is to observe and learn about how other people live. Because they’re surrounded by nature, Byron residents are big on wellness and healing. As a bonus, they have great access to raw foods and consume a lot less of the processed stuff. Due to it’s relatively small size, getting around is fairly easy on foot, by public transport, or on bike. Realising traits like these will lead you on the paths to eating better, being more active and thinking with more clarity.

4. Discover new meal ideas

Packed with unique cafes and restaurants there’s a lot to discover in Byron Bay’s eclectic surroundings. Enjoy homemade and organic goodies that are grown by the locals themselves. Opened weekly are the Mullumbimby and Byron Farmers Markets, which sell high quality meats, veggies, breads, herbs and condiments. There are way too many feel-good eateries to mention, but some favourites include the Conscious Cafe, Naked Treaties Raw Food Bar, Red Hot and Green and O Sushi.

5. De-stress

Long term stress has been found to be damaging for the body and mind. Fortunately, Byron Bay and relaxation go hand-in-hand and there are several treatments available for those who are looking to get pampered. Why not go wind down with a Traditional Thai Massage and a make a visit to the Buddha Gardens Day Spa? Available for individuals, couples and small groups, services leave visitors feeling calmed and refreshed. Other popular picks amongst the ladies include wood fired saunas, cold plunge pool, facials, scrubs and body wraps. The list goes on!

6. Enjoy the outdoors

A lot of us are guilty of spending far too much time in front of screens and gadgets. Cornered by beaches, sunsets and waterfalls, staying indoors is the last thing you’ll want to do along Byron’s coasts. Start your mornings with a run to the lighthouse and follow it up by a session on the waves. Keep your scenery interesting by adding bushwalking and venture through the guided bike tracks on to rainforests and fire trails. A workout will never get repetitive!

Going on a holiday doesn’t have to lead to a beer gut – nor does it need to cost a fortune. Striking a balance between budget and leisure is simply about picking a spot that can feed your desires to be entertained and on your feet. Byron Bay is that one-stop destination and for most of us in Australia, a cheap domestic flight will do the trick. A few days is all that’s required, making it nice retreat for those with busy schedules. And don’t worry about missing a few workout sessions or not being able to cook your normal meals…you’ll be offered with an endless supply of healthy options that will keep your bodies feeling alive!

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