mma trainingMMA training – where to start

Getting started on your MMA journey is an exciting time. Once you get into it, it’s a great way of staying fit. As well as fitness, you can look forward to increased endurance and mental focus, and building up your general confidence. However, starting any new sport can be daunting. So here are our thoughts on what to expect when you start out with your MMA training.

Be patient

Like anything, becoming proficient at MMA will take time. While you are probably keen to start sparring, it will be a while before you have mastered enough of the basics to successfully take on an opponent. So for now, try not to get discouraged, and focus on the foundation skills.

Align your training routine

If you already are doing another form of exercise, you should make sure it aligns with your MMA training. For example, if you are also doing a weights program, this can be really beneficial for your MMA training. But you need to speak to your instructor to make sure you’re not doing too much lifting, which could impact your MMA form.

Alter your diet

Like any new training routine, if you are doing a lot more exercise, you will need to up your calorie intake. The last thing you want to do is decrease your muscle mass at this crucial time. Do some research, or visit a dietician to make sure your nutrition is on track.
The most important thing is to be in a training facility that knows what they’re doing. Extreme MMA can help you get into a great training routine, and get you set up to achieve your MMA goals.