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Kids’ Programs

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History has shown that martial arts is an excellent way to teach children life skills such as discipline, hard work, honesty, integrity and teamwork. It challenges and develops them both physically and mentally, and encourages continuous self-improvement.

Kids’ Classes

Extreme offers 3 Kid’s Programs – Wrestling, the X-Kids’ Program, which is based on the discipline of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the Mini Tigers Program, which is based on Thai Boxing.

Children aged 3-12 enjoy the fun-filled sessions in which they play games and practice technique drills, learning self-defence skills whilst developing their balance, coordination and flexibility. The training also instills in them values like confidence, respect for others, and a motivation to succeed.

Competition Classes

If your child would like to take his/her training one step further, Kids’ Competition BJJ Classes are also available at our Chadstone Headquarters. These classes provide specific competition-based training, focusing on strategy and sparring with partners.

Extreme MMA’s X-Kids’ Competition Team is currently ranked second in Australia, always returning from tournaments with an armful of medals and trophies. It is a great learning experience for kids’ who participate in competition, not only building character and resilience, but also teaching them the importance of discipline, competitiveness and good sportsmanship.