Our Facilities

Extreme MMA is the ultimate training hub for any fitness or fight fan. Equipped with a total of four state-of-the-art training areas, it provides access to over 75 classes, 6 days per week. Our students are able to enjoy the use of our facilities not only during scheduled classes, but also outside of standard class times for a little extra training.

Muay Thai

With over 280 square meters of padded flooring split over two separate training areas, the ground floor of the gym is the perfect place to hone your striking skills!

Featuring a full size MMA cage, boxing ring, 18 heavy bags, premium Thai pads, boxing mitts, grappling dummies and cage walls, our Muay Thai training area is equipped to train anyone from beginners to professional fighters

BJJ & Wrestling

Head on down stairs to our newly renovated grappling training area. With over 220 square meters of high quality training mats to roll on, padded walls and grappling dummies, it’s the perfect environment to learn the technical sport of both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling.

Including a heated observation area with lounge seats, spectators can watch on in comfort.

Strength & Fitness

Situated upstairs is our state of the art strength and conditioning gym. Packed with all the equipment you could need to build strength & endurance, lose weight and improve your performance in the martial arts discipline of your choice.

Our gym includes free weights, lifting stations, cable machines, heavy bags, battle ropes, agility & mobility equipment, wind bikes, sleds and rowing machines.

Fight Store

Need some new gear? Our fully equipped fight store at front reception is bound to have what you need. From training uniforms & merch to safety equipment and training bags; we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Any equipment required for our classes such as Gi’s or rash guards for BJJ & Wrestling or shin pads, gloves and mouth guards for Muay Thai can be purchased from us here so there’s no need to stress if you haven’t got any gear yet.