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Chadstone Academy

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As Extreme MMA’s headquarters, our Chadstone Academy is the ultimate training hub for any fitness or fight fan. Since its establishment, its doors have welcomed a wide range of visitors – from beginners to pro athletes and international super stars.

Equipped with a total of four state-of-the-art training areas, it provides access to over 50 classes a week and even hosts rugby team Melbourne Storms’ tackling training sessions. Other special guests who have taught on these mats include UFC legends Randy “The Natural” Couture and “Suga” Rashad Evans.

Our students are able to enjoy the use of our facilities not only during scheduled classes, but also outside of standard class times for a little extra training. Our Chadstone facilities boast:

Matted training areas covering a total of 280 square metres
A strength and conditioning area including mirrors, free weights and benches, kettle bells, medicine balls, Bulgarian bags, plyometric boxes, Olympic bars and bumper plates
18 x 6ft Fairtex punching bags
Change rooms with storage and shower facilities
An MMA/ kickboxing ring for sparring
Extreme vending machine packed with protein shakes, healthy snacks, hydration drinks, mouth guards, drink bottles, sports tape and other goodies
MMA/ Wrestling dummies
Thai pads, kickshields, focus mitts and skipping ropes
Free WiFi internet access