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Learn the moves of the world’s greatest UFC athletes

One thing our students love about training with us is variety. That especially goes for our MMA classes. MMA throws in a mix of all our martial arts disciplines, meaning your workouts will never get repetitive. From Beginner and General classes, we introduce the fundamentals of Muay Thai/Boxing to improve your striking, and Wrestling/Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to cover your ground game.

You’ll get a better grip of how to defend yourself and move around an opponent. If an amateur or professional fight is something on the cards, we’ve even got you covered with the network and facilities to get you in the cage.

At Extreme, we believe it’s never too early (or too late) to invest in yourself. From high school students, teens, working professionals and parents, our doors are open to beginners, all the way through to more advanced students.

Don’t let any fear hold you back – speak to our bubbly front desk staff
on (03) 9568 4999 and start your MMA journey today!

Why train MMA?

Learn impressive fighter skills
Increase power and athletic ability
Feel the reward of a challenging workout
Get into great shape
Train in an energetic environment