MMA Gym Melbourne


Extreme Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling was founded in 1998.  In 2010, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Paul McVeigh took over from his coach and evolved the school into the institution that we now proudly call Extreme Mixed Martial Arts.

Under Paul’s direction, Extreme MMA has developed into the MMA capital of Australia, with Headquarters in Chadstone.  Our academies stand as one-stop comprehensive training destinations for both beginners and seasoned competitors alike.  

Pioneers in the industry, we have brought together a team of professional instructors and accomplished champions from around the world who specialise in a broad range of martial art styles, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ and MMA.

As an organisation, our aim is to make world-class coaching readily available to the community at large, extending beyond aspiring competitors/professionals to beginners and the everyday person wanting to get fit or learn a new skill.  People from all walks of life come together at Extreme, where they find the tools, resources and motivation to achieve their own personal goals in a supportive and positive family environment.