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Start sculpting your goal physique

An MMA fitness lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without a Strength and Fitness program. These sessions are designed to improve power and resistance for MMA, striking (boxing and
Muay Thai) and grappling (wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) classes. Maximise your power, speed and agility! You’ll be making use of kettlebells, free weights, strength machines and functional exercises to tone up and get lean.

Since opening the doors to our Strength & Fitness area in 2018, members have enjoyed access to a dedicated gym area. Head on up to Extreme’s second floor and find a spacious set up including exercise bikes, rowing machines, battle ropes, weights equipment and so much more. Our Strength & Fitness includes 5 class types for all levels:

Strength: Shape lean muscle, build strength and ramp up your metabolism with a workout that will have you hitting a new personal best! Our Strength class combines elements of progressive weight training, functional bodybuilding and metabolic conditioning to develop a leaner, stronger physique.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Level up your cardio with our HIIT class involving short bursts of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise alternated with low intensity recovery periods. Elevating your metabolism with HIIT training means you burn calories even after you finish exercising.

Strength Endurance: This is a Strength class, but with medium-range weights and an intensity that will get your heart rate pumping! If your goal is to build a serious amount of lean muscle, this is the class for you. 

Cardio Shred: Exactly what it sounds like – burn those calories and rip right up with this aerobic class focused on longer-duration efforts! No weights or barbells will be used in this class.

Fight Fit: This class simulates an MMA fight with five 5-minute rounds, utilising equipment such as grappling dummies and hanging bags. A basic class includes cardio calisthenics and functional movements for Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and Wrestling. 

If traditional gym work outs have led you to plateau, Extreme’s skills-based martial arts classes may be the right fit for you. With no two classes alike, you won’t get bored or
lose motivation to train. Even better, bring in a friend and give it a shot by calling (03) 9568 4999 – we’ll make sure you have a blast!

Why train Strength & Fitness?

Improve overall physical performance
Develop correct posture
Become stronger
Reduce likelihood of injury
Increase resistance