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    Chadstone BJJ classes taught by expert fighters

    many pAre you looking for Chadstone BJJ classes? Our students have described the classes at Extreme MMA  as energetic, challenging, and highly addictive. If you are interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, contact us to arrange a FREE trial class. Our Chadstone BJJ training will introduce you to one of... Read More

    Fixing Common Muay Thai Mistakes

    As experienced trainers, we have realised there are some common Muay Thai mistakes. It is best to avoid these errors from the beginning with proper coaching. If you are interested in joining our Muay Thai classes, contact us to find out more. All fighters will make mistakes. The important thing... Read More

    Chadstone Muay Thai classes for all levels

    Extreme MMA offers Chadstone Muay Thai classes for all levels. From novices to experienced fighters, we have a class for you. Our world class facilities and superior coaching are available to everyone. If you are interested in improving both your mental and physical strength, contact the team at Extreme MMA... Read More

    Understanding Mobility: What Is It & Why It’s Important

    yMore and more of our MMA students have expressed an interest in understanding mobility. Mobility training, when done properly, helps fighters to have better control over their bodies and to avoid injuries. Because mobility can truly add value to a fighter’s game, we offer mobility classes here at Extreme MMA.... Read More

    Authentic Muay Thai in Chadstone

    At Extreme MMA we offer authentic Muay Thai in Chadstone. If you are looking for top notch coaching combined with fantastic facilities, contact the Extreme MMA team. It’s a fantastic sport that improved both physical and mental strength. Extreme MMA offers the best Muay Thai in Chadstone. It doesn’t get... Read More

    The link between wrestling and mental toughness

    Anyone who watches a wrestling match will be struck by the sheer physical robustness that’s required from the participants. But wrestling is much more than just a physical sport. Any successful fighter will attest to the link between wrestling and mental toughness. Although you can’t actually see a wrestler’s thoughts,... Read More

    Looking After Your Gi

    Looking after your gi is incredibly important. If nothing else, how you feel in your gi will affect your performance. And of course, hygiene and smell are important factors too. A gi needs to be washed regularly to prevent sweat stains building up. How well are you looking after your... Read More

    MMA in Chadstone that gets results

    Extreme MMA in Chadstone offers a wide range of martial arts classes. From beginners to experienced fighters, there’s an MMA class for you. Attend MMA in Chadstone under expert guidance If you want to learn excellent MMA in Melbourne then you need the best teachers. Extreme MMA offers MMA classes... Read More

    Chadstone kickboxing done right

    Extreme MMA offers amazing martial arts training. Based in Chadstone kickboxing is one of many specialities. We are passionate about all forms of martial arts, and bring superb training to all residents of Melbourne. With phenomenal facilities and world class professional coaches, this is the best option by far. You... Read More
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