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    Boxing training that’s effective and enjoyable

    Extreme MMA provides local boxing training that’s both effective and enjoyable. To find out more about this incredible sport, contact the team at Extreme MMA today! Experience the amazing benefits of professional boxing training Like all sports, the quality of boxing training is incredibly important. At Extreme MMA we are... Read More

    Best Brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne

    Extreme MMA offers the best Brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne. From beginners to experienced fighters, enjoy incredible training with experienced BJJ experts. Why we offer Brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne It is well known that Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) is a fantastic martial art. Born and bred in the heart of South... Read More

    BJJ in Melbourne that’s like no other

    Extreme MMA offers BJJ in Melbourne. Enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training led by professional coaches in superb training facilities. It’s quite simply the best way to get fighting fit! Are you searching for BJJ in Melbourne? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a fantastic form of the martial arts. As the name... Read More

    Muay Thai in Melbourne gets you fit

    Extreme MMA offers Muay Thai in Melbourne. This martial arts training is superb for anyone, at any level. It will get you fit and fighting like never before. Muay Thai in Melbourne for beginners to pro fighters Are you a novice, wanting to learn Muay Thai? Or an experienced fighter... Read More

    MMA in Melbourne that gets results

    Extreme MMA in Melbourne offers a wide range of martial arts classes. From beginners to experienced fighters, there’s an MMA class for you. Attend MMA in Melbourne under expert guidance If you want to learn excellent MMA in Melbourne then you need the best teachers. Extreme MMA offers MMA classes... Read More

    Kickboxing in Melbourne for all levels

    Extreme MMA offers amazing martial arts training, including kickboxing in Melbourne. We are passionate about all forms of martial arts, and bring superb training to all residents of Melbourne. With phenomenal facilities and world class professional coaches, this is the best option by far. You have so much to gain... Read More

    Finding time for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Find Your Hobby We all need a good hobby in our lives. Things can get so busy these days, and there is often a big focus on finding activities for kids to enjoy each and every day, but what about the adults? Do you find time for yourself? Do you... Read More

    What to expect when you start MMA training

    MMA training – where to start Getting started on your MMA journey is an exciting time. Once you get into it, it’s a great way of staying fit. As well as fitness, you can look forward to increased endurance and mental focus, and building up your general confidence. However, starting... Read More