If you reside in or near Chadstone MMA is offered by Extreme MMA. We offer a wide range of classes that cater for all ages and levels of ability. However, there is a common thread running through all our classes: expert coaches.

At Extreme MMA we provide all our clients with the best possible coaching from experienced and successful MMA fighters.

It is true that we offer world class facilities at our Chadstone MMA premises. However, even the best facilities don’t guarantee results. In fact, the key lies in the level of the coaching. Our coaches make the best possible use of all our facilities and equipment. It is this combination of top quality facilities and coaching that makes all the difference. It’s what sets Extreme MMA apart from the rest.

All our Chadstone MMA students receive the same access to quality equipment and coaching.

From kids to seasoned fighters. From novices to experienced fighters. We provide everyone in our community with the same quality coaching. Moreover, we take great pride in only hiring incredible fighters as coaches. Their impressive experience and high skill level means that they have a lot to impart to their students.

From discipline and mind set, to specific fighting tips, our coaches provide a wealth of information. They are the backbone of Extreme MMA, providing everyone who walks through our doors with the support and guidance that they need.

If you are interested in starting or continuing MMA training, please contact Extreme MMA. You can be assured of quality coaching from qualified experts.