It’s that time of year again! Time to shop for Kris Kringle gifts (otherwise known as Secret Santa). If the person you have drawn is an MMA fan, then we’ve done the work for you.

Here are our Top 6 Kris Kringle ideas for MMA fans (in no particular order)…

  1. MMA fight gloves

Any MMA fan would appreciate a piece of equipment as a Christmas gift. A pair of fight gloves are a great idea. If the person fights themselves, then they can add the gloves to their kit bag for their next workout. Whether they fight or not, gloves are a great item to take to events to get signed by fighters. Whether they end up in a gym bag or a display case, MMA fight gloves are a winner.

2. MMA brand clothing

Lots of MMA brands have a range of quality clothing. There’s bound to be a style and colour to suit your Kris Kringle recipient.

3. MMA magazine subscription

All MMA fans love to keep abreast of all the latest news and developments in the sport. A subscription to an MMA magazine is sure to be enjoyed. There are loads of magazines to choose from, with different price points to suit your budget.

4. MMA book

There are some really great books written about MMA, about fighters, and by fighters. There are some ‘lighter’ reads that will be incredibly entertaining for the MMA fan.

5. Voucher for an MMA class or training session

Different training centres and gyms offer different price packages. If you look around, you should be able to find something that suits the person’s specific interest. This could be Muay Thai, BJJ, kickboxing, etc.

6. Tickets to an MMA event

This is the gift that will truly give any MMA fan an incredibly exciting experience. The price will depend on the event, seating, and availability.

Happy shopping!