At Extreme MMA you will experience expert MMA training in Chadstone. We offer a variety of classes, and cater to all levels, from beginners to experienced fighters. Contact us to find out more about our class schedule.

Benefit from attending local MMA training in Chadstone.

Our premises are conveniently located, allowing many local residents to benefit from our world class facilities. Importantly, we are passionate about enabling our local community to reap the rewards of top quality MMA classes. At Extreme MMA you will enjoy superb training, led by experienced fighters, in outstanding facilities. It simply doesn’t get better than this.

Extreme MMA offers a wide variety of classes for all ages and levels.

We want to make the world of MMA accessible to everyone. Therefore, we provide a wide range of classes to choose from. In addition to offering classes at all levels, from beginners to experts, we also cater for all ages. Our kids classes are popular, and a great way to introduce the younger generation to all the benefits that martial arts have to offer.

Enjoy the holistic advantages that come with MMA training.

Many people embark on MMA training in order to benefit physically. And it’s certainly true that our MMA training in Chadstone will see your strength, fitness, and coordination improve drastically. However, there is so much more to gain. There are countless mental benefits to MMA training, such as improved concentration, problem-solving, and discipline. Furthermore, the social benefits in our friendly atmosphere are not to be discounted.

To discover the enjoyment and benefits that come with MMA training, contact us to find out about our class schedule.