yMore and more of our MMA students have expressed an interest in understanding mobility. Mobility training, when done properly, helps fighters to have better control over their bodies and to avoid injuries.

Because mobility can truly add value to a fighter’s game, we offer mobility classes here at Extreme MMA. Contact us to find out more about these innovative classes and how they can help you take your fighting to the next level.

There are a few key points to grasp when it comes to understanding mobility training.

Mobility is a lot more than just flexibility, although both are important. During training and fighting, your body’s positions and movement patterns are multi-directional and ‘unusual’. Flexibility means you are simply able to get into those positions, and your opponent can hold you there. However, mobility is about being able to maintain strength and control of your body whilst in these positions and types of movements. Therefore, it is this strength and control that will assist in injury prevention.

Mobility training is intensely focused on increasing your range of motion. This is why we offer mobility classes as stand along classes. Furthermore, these classes are also a great way to speed up your recovery process.

What does mobility training entail?

Our mobility classes work on movement patterns. Different positions, movements, contractions, stretches, rotations, and isometric exercises are expertly combined to provide the best possible range of motion.

Therefore, our mobility coaches will enable you to improve your strength and control while on the mat. Moreover, you will develop a wider skill set to improve your fighting. In short, it enhances all aspects of your training.

Contact us to find out how you can sign up for our results-driven mobility classes.