At Extreme MMA we offer authentic Muay Thai in Chadstone. If you are looking for top notch coaching combined with fantastic facilities, contact the Extreme MMA team. It’s a fantastic sport that improved both physical and mental strength.

Extreme MMA offers the best Muay Thai in Chadstone. It doesn’t get more real than this.

Also known as Thai Boxing, Muay Thai is an ancient combat sport. It’s the national sport of Thailand, and its popularity has spread across the globe.

The three cornerstones of Muay Chai are power, efficiency, and simplicity. It has a raw quality that appeals to many fighters. However, like other martial arts, it requires discipline to learn the correct form.

Only through paying attention to form, will you be able to truly appreciate Muay Thai and improve your power.

Unfortunately, many people who start training in Muay Thai sustain injuries. Many of which are avoidable. Our coaches are here to guide you in getting the most from your training.

At Extreme MMA we take care to only hire the very best coaches. Experienced fighters, with a history of successful fights, our coaches provide superb guidance. Whether you are wanting to become a competitive fighter, or simply improve your physical fitness and stamina, they will show you the ropes.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or learn how to fight, Muay Thai is a vigorous and exciting sport.

Contact the team at Extreme MMA to find out more about local Muay Thai training at our world class facilities.