Anyone who watches a wrestling match will be struck by the sheer physical robustness that’s required from the participants. But wrestling is much more than just a physical sport. Any successful fighter will attest to the link between wrestling and mental toughness.

Although you can’t actually see a wrestler’s thoughts, a successful wrestler’s tactics and mental strength will be evident throughout the match.

Unsurprisingly, wrestling training is focused on physical strength and power. Strength, fitness, quickness, and technique are all incredibly important. Unfortunately, most wrestlers focus exclusively on physical training. However, proper wrestling training is so much more than that. It doesn’t stop with the physical aspects. It takes it to the next level by addressing wrestlers’ mental training.

Because there is a powerful link between a successful wrestler’s wrestling and mental toughness.

As a wrestler, if you address your mental toughness, you will be able to take your performance to the next level. You will be able to push yourself to compete at a higher level. Your wrestling at big matches and tournaments will no longer be inferior to your performance during practice. Opponents who are your inferior will not beat you.

Addressing your mental toughness is about conquering your fears and self-doubt. At Extreme MMA, our coaches will help you build both your physical and mental toughness. It is this professional approach that will enable you to realise your full potential and compete at a level that matches your true capability.

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