Two Wrestlers Greco-roman WrestlingWhat is wrestling?

Wrestling is a combat sport that involves throws, takedowns and other grappling techniques against your opponent. It is about displaying your physical strength to gain and maintain the superior position in the fight. Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat, drawing back over 15,000 years to cave drawings in France. Some of the earliest scenes of wrestling can in fact be seen in mythology. There are many benefits to taking up wrestling classes.

Benefits of wrestling

It’s open to everyone: Unlike other sports where you have to have a certain body type to succeed, wrestling is open to everyone, no matter what.

Fitness: wrestling improves many of your physical attributes such as balance, reflexes, strength, endurance and agility. You also gain knowledge into maintaining a healthy diet that will help you when it comes to competition.

Self-confidence: wrestling is solo sport where you rely on just yourself in competition. In this process, you can gain confidence in your own abilities and what you are capable of.

Sportsmanship: through wrestling classes, you come to understand the mental and physical stamina required of the sport. This allows you develop an appreciation for your opponents and others in the field.

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