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Wrestling has been around for a while; most of us know that. But did you know that it’s one of the oldest combat sports in history? Before you head to your next wrestling class, here are some interesting facts about this ancient sport.

Older than most

While you may know that wrestling has a long past, the first records go back 15,000 years, where cave paintings in France depict figures engaging in wrestling holds. Ancient Egyptian paintings show competitors displaying many of the wrestling holds we still know and use today. All around the world, ancient cultures depicted this sport in various forms.

Olympic beginnings

The ancient Greeks really made wrestling famous. In fact, it was the most celebrated sport in the ancient Olympic Games. To this day, wrestling remains an official sport in every modern Olympic Games, albeit with much of the brutality of the ancient form removed.

Varied options

All around the world, we can see wrestling thriving as a competitive and amateur sport in many formats. Greco-Roman is arguably the most widely known version, with its origins in ancient Greek and Roman times. Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling are both featured in the Olympic Games.

Chinese Shuai-Jiao, Turkish oil wrestling, backhold wrestling, catch-as-catch-can wrestling from England and ssireum from Korea are just a few of the many types of wrestling that can be found around the world.

Wrestling classes

Whatever style of wrestling that interests you, there are likely wrestling classes to suit your needs. Check out the wrestling classes on offer at Extreme MMA to get started in this addictive sport.

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