Great nutrition can mean the difference between feeling flat and operating at high performance. Extreme MMA’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jess, knows the drill all too well. We caught up with her to find out what she eats to fuel her rigorous 6-day week training routine which consists of Muay Thai, running, circuit training and walking her dog, Lulu.


I always start with a bullet proof coffee or hot water with lemon.

“The majority of my meals are home cooked. Green leafy (seasonal) salads with plenty of olive oil, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar or fresh lemon. [My partner] Ross and I usually add walnuts, almonds, pepita seeds, or raw cashews. When it comes to our proteins, anything slow cooked, roasted, or soft boiled eggs with hummus.

Ross and I love our slow cooked meals, especially in winter! A favourite that’s pretty easy to whip is is whole leg of lamb, organic tomato paste, can of organic tomatoes, and mirepoix. Add a splash of red wine or apple cider vinegar to give it a kick, optional to add as well mushrooms. Kangaroo, beef or lamb meatballs also work a treat with zucchini noodles or gluten free spaghetti. Oh, and I have dark chocolate almost everyday!

I aim to eat 3 or 4 meals each day. However, when I’m not well or looking after myself like a usually would, I tend to eat more junk and fewer meals. This has the negative effect of being hungry, low on energy and grumpy. 

Going gluten and dairy free

Ross has a lot of intolerances so the majority of our meals are gluten free, and dairy free. We have found a great GF pizza base, sold in Woolworths. On Friday nights we do home made pizza. organic tomato paste, olives, hot sopressa salami, cherry tomato, mushrooms, and plenty of goat’s cheese hard parmesan and soft goat.

As a dairy alternative, I recommend Golden Harvest Almond Milk (10% almonds compared to 3/4% from most other brands). Coconut cream is great for hot chocolate or even in coffee too.”


Extreme MMA’s programs are a great fit if you live and breathe an active, healthy lifestyle. Classes are suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. If you are looking for healthy hobby that makes cardio and strength training fun, get started by calling our Chadstone Academy under (03) 9568 4999.