As experienced trainers, we have realised there are some common Muay Thai mistakes. It is best to avoid these errors from the beginning with proper coaching. If you are interested in joining our Muay Thai classes, contact us to find out more.

All fighters will make mistakes. The important thing is to invest in proper coaching so that these mistakes can be identified and corrected so you can improve your skills.

Many fighters mistakenly hold their breath while striking.

This is more common that you might think, and many are unaware that they’re doing this. Holding your breath tenses up your body, resulting in a less effective strike. Instead, try to relax your body and focus on breathing properly. The key is to exhale on impact.

You need to focus on technique, instead of just speed and power.

If you want to improve your Muay Thai skills, you need to focus on technique. Mastering the techniques means that speed and power will follow naturally. And you’ll be a much better fighter for it. Check your techniques in front of a mirror, and ask your coach for advice.

But can you kick?

One of the most common Muay Thai mistakes is kicking incorrectly. You need to be on the ball of your foot. And you need to make sure that you are twisting your foot and hip enough. For balance, you need to swing both your arms. A roundhouse kick is best practised by doing drills, focusing on pivoting, twisting the hip, and swinging both arms.

“Hands up. Guard up.”

It’s very common for people to forget to keep their guard up. Especially when they are striking, and even more so when they are tired. When training, focus on your hands. Make sure you always have your guard up.

Proper shadowboxing is important.

There are a couple of reasons why shadowboxing is important. It helps you to practice different combinations and build muscle memory. Make sure you shadowbox regularly as part of your training. Set a goal so you have something to focus on, rather than aimlessly or halfheartedly repeating the same simple combination.

If you would like to elevate your Muay Thai skills, contact us to find out about training with our expert trainers.