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Paul McVeigh  BJJ Coach

Having spent the last 16 years competing and training in martial arts, I feel the greatest satisfaction from seeing my students develop and achieve success for themselves.

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Amin Yaqubi  Wrestling Coach

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in history. I want to pass on it’s traditions and help it reach the recognition it deserves. It taught me the importance of respect, discipline and hard work, and I make sure my students learn in the same way.

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Alexandra Thomas Stretch / Yoga Coach

I love teaching Yoga and Stretch classes as I can educate members about their bodies, empowering them to strengthen, work through injuries, and heal themselves.

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Peter Martin Strength & Conditioning Coach

It’s a humbling honour to share the skills and experience that I have learnt over the years. I endeavour to help make the change that people look for when they step into my classes.

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Nikos Trepca  Assistant Wrestling / MMA Coach

MMA has changed my life.  I’m always learning and developing every day. I believe hard work pays off and repetition is the key to success. I always look forward to assisting in classes and making sure students are always improving and excelling. My main focus is teaching the kids classes as they are the future of MMA.

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Joshua Riley  Assistant MMA / Thai Boxing / Kids Coach

I have found my passion in MMA and I really enjoy helping others better themselves and achieve their goals. It’s really rewarding seeing the progress that all the students make.

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Ryan Flaherty  Strength & Conditioning Coach

I believe that training is essential not only for creating good physical health, but also for strengthening the mind determination, confidence and commitment. I’m passionate about training as a means to personal growth and healing.

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Daniel Almeida BJJ Professor / MMA Coach


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Ramen Habib  Thai Boxing Coach


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Kayne Clarke  Boxing / Thai Boxing Coach


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Ramesh Habib  Boxing / Thai Boxing Coach

Dave Eller  Assistant BJJ Coach

Matt McCourt  Assistant BJJ Coach

Milli McCourt  Assistant BJJ Coach

Matt Stenner  Assistant BJJ Coach

Raz Bin Sam  Assistant BJJ Coach

Tima El Abdallaoui  Muay Thai Coach

Irene Symeonidis  Assistant Wrestling Coach

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