kickboxing for kidsKickboxing

Kickboxing has become a popular sport in many parts of the world with the rise of mixed martial arts. It is a group of combat sports focussed kicking and punching. Japanese kickboxing first originated in the 1960s with competitions taking place, with American kickboxing following in 1970s. It has contributed to the rise in mixed martial arts and there are many benefits of kickboxing for kids.

  1. Great exercise: first and foremost, kickboxing is great cardiovascular exercise for kids. It helps them to expel energy in a controlled environment among peers. It is also great for their flexibility, with many of the moves geared towards this skill.
  2. Social: attending kickboxing classes is also extremely social. Kids can take part with peers, making new friends along the way, which develops their social skills in the process. It also is the perfect stress release after a long, hard day at school.
  3. Self-confidence: kids can gain self-confidence with the kickboxing classes. It teaches them how to defend themselves and gives them confidence that will carry into their everyday life.
  4. Passion: by offering the sport as a hobby to your kids, it provides them the opportunity to develop a passion for something they love. These kinds of opportunities can help develop your child’s character in the process.

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