If you are looking for boxing classes in Melbourne, then you need look no further. Extreme MMA are the local specialists when it comes to all types of martial arts.

The best boxing classes in Melbourne

There are several reasons why you should invest in classes at Extreme MMA. Whether you are a novice or an experienced boxer, you will find the best possible training in a relaxed yet focused environment. We offer boxing training at all levels, without compromising on the quality.

Professional boxing trainers

At Extreme MMA, we are passionate about all forms of martial arts. Importantly, we realise the full range of benefits that comes with professional training. Whilst we strive to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, we are always serious when it comes to the quality of the training that we offer. We pride ourselves on offering top class training at all levels. Here, you will find professional boxing trainers offering top quality boxing classes in Melbourne.

Is boxing for you?

In a word: yes. Boxers are fighters. But they are also much more than that. You just have to look at the physique of our boxers to see the results that proper training can yield. Believe it or not, boxing is not just about throwing punches. Like all the marital arts, boxing is an incredible way to strengthen and condition your body. The discipline it requires is also not to be underestimated. This in itself develops mental qualities such as focus and determination.

Make it happen today

No matter your experience, or lack thereof, contact us to find out more about our boxing classes in Melbourne. We have the utmost certainty that you will be suitably impressed by our facilities, the professionalism of our trainers, and the results you’ll get from training with Extreme MMA.