By Felisha M. Mina

There are some really witty and well designed BJJ shirts out there, and let’s face it…there’s no such thing as having too many tees! Great for training, wearing casually, or bumming around in, they’re essential for every jiu-jitsu fanatic’s wardrobe. Right now, we are liking the variety from


Made with high-quality military rope, paracord bracelets make a cool option if you’re gift-giving under a budget. The ones we found from are highly customisable and come in a variety of sizes to fit any wrist. There’s one for every age…and belt!


Similar to the bracelets, but in keychain form. Get this for someone who travels or loses their keys a lot. Order them online at


PATCHES ($35 – $80 USD)
BJJ patches make great add-ons to gis. They add a bit of edge, aesthetic and personality to the uniform, making them great presents for those who have a stylish side. Top competitors like the ones by Shoyoroll. They’re on the pricier end by comparison to other brands, but that’s because they’re becoming rare.
Get them on


MMA SHORTS ($15.99 –  $69.99 USD)
We all know mixed martial arts training can get intense, and that’s why everyday sports shorts won’t do. MMA bottoms are made to be adjustable, flexible and virtually impossible to tear. Shop around with, who pride themselves on stocking the most influential brands on the market.


The Arm Bar Soap Company have released a clever line of soaps, made specially for combat sports practitioners. Cleanliness in martial arts is crucial, and these guys use a combination of essential oils, butters and natural ingredients to keep the infections away. Head to for stockists and a bunch of other cool goodies.


MMA BAGS ($34.99 – $179.99 USD)
Unlike training gear for other sports, jiu-jitsu attire is tough, bulky and difficult to fold. Due to the amount of body contact that happens in class, it’s also very important that the clothing stays as clean as possible. Having the right gym bag is essential to ticking these boxes, and there’s a decent selection to choose from if you visit These are made with appropriate compartments to fit gis, footwear, striking equipment, and all other belongings.


Fight wear label, Newaza, are known for their look-at-me rashies. Highly intricate and conceptual, each of their designs are pretty much works of art. If you’re shopping for someone who has an eclectic personality and likes to stand out, these rashguards are a no-brainer. Check out the latest range on

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A NEW GI ($98.95 – $238.95)
Feeling ultra generous? Then there’s nothing more usable and practical than a brand chokin’ new gi.
For grapplers with busy lifestyles, washing and drying the uniform on a daily basis can become a mission. Having the convenience of owning multiple gis comes in handy. Most importantly, it assists in assuring that training can get done every day, without any excuses. There’s a heap of good stuff out there. Just make sure you do a bit of research on sizing and thickness prior submitting your credit card details. Take your pick at