It’s happens to the best of us. We get a boost of motivation to start a workout routine and all’s well and good for the first few weeks, but before we know it, it gets harder and harder to get to the gym. The results start to plateau, old habits start to slip and before you know it, you find yourself back on the couch, bingeing on Breaking Bad episodes, when the old you would have been putting everything on the line to shed those few extra kilos.

So why is it such a mission to stick to DIY exercises and training programs like the ones we see all over the internet? Truth is, it doesn’t matter how much willpower you have, or how many motivational podcasts you listen to. It takes a lot more than a strong pre-workout to sustain a health kick and look like an Instagram model. That’s where MMA training takes a different turn. Unlike traditional gym programs, MMA training is much more than a place where you walk in, break a sweat, and walk out. There are a number of reasons why our members treat it as a long term solution, rather than a quick fix.


Culture creates accountability

When you’re doing a self-motivated exercise plan, it’s easy to have a day off or finish a lower amount of reps. No surprises – there’s no one watching! Slacking off isn’t as easy when you’ve got regular training partners and coaches who know you by name. MMA culture is big on the team aspect, and if you get a sense that the rest of your class are giving their everything on the bags, you’ll be pumped to pick up the pace.


There’s constant progression…and it’s noticeable

You can master a push up or beat your PB on the treadmill, but unless that number is directly linking towards how you look or feel, it’s not long before you go searching for another approach to fast-track your goals. MMA classes on the other hand, are structured around techniques which are constantly evolving. While you’re getting your hour’s worth of cardio in, you’re also developing skills, becoming more flexible and improving mobility. Take Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for example. There are an infinite number of movements and ways to tap out your opponent. When you jump on the mats, you’ll never know what kind of tricks you’ll leave with, which keeps it exciting and addictive! It’s true when they say even those at the top feel they’ve never truly mastered it.


Competition provides purpose

You don’t have to be at Conor McGregor level to put your skills to the test. Extreme MMA’s own comp team are made up of parents, students, business owners and corporate professionals. Local tournaments for striking and grappling take place all year round. They’re also open to first-timers so anyone can jump in and set a deadline to be at a specific weight class on game day. Your coach will be happy to help you to see a happy number on the scales!


Extreme Mixed Martial Arts is Australia’s MMA fitness capital, based in Chadstone, Victoria. With classes ranging from MMA, Thai Boxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Kids classes, there’s something on the timetable for everyone – regardless of age, fitness level or experience. Book in a trial session on 1300 TRY MMA – the first one’s on the house!