Extreme MMA offers superb MMA training here in Melbourne. From novices to experienced fighters, train with experienced professionals in top class facilities. Contact us to find out more about our training.

Quality MMA training facilities right here in Melbourne

Extreme MMA is an established business with a reputation for delivering authentic, quality training. Here you have the opportunity to train in world class facilities. We have the ultimate range of equipment so that you can take your MMA training to the next level. Training with us means having access to everything you need. But it takes more that just great equipment and facilities to hone MMA skills…

Receive the best MMA training from some of the best MMA fighters

One of the things that sets Extreme MMA apart from the rest is our experts trainers. With us you can experience training sessions with skilled MMA fighters who have had many successful bouts of their own. Our training focuses on developing skills and techniques that will serve you well. Training with experienced fighters adds that something extra; something that you will only experience at Extreme MMA.

Experience the incredible benefits of professional MMA training with Extreme MMA

MMA has a wealth of benefits for all those who train. No matter whether you simply want to exercise or whether you want to become a fighter, these benefits will come to all those who train with Extreme MMA. You will discover improved physical strength, agility, and cardiovascular fitness. To say nothing of the mental benefits such as tenacity, focus, discipline, and determination. And that is just the beginning.

To experience authentic MMA training, contact us. Here at Extreme MMA we will deliver the top class training you are looking for. Serious training in a relaxed environment – it’s simply the best of both worlds.