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An introduction to MMA

Popularised by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and now the fastest growing sport in the world, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines the best of different styles of fighting, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and more.

MMA utilises striking and grappling techniques both standing and on the ground. A complete fighter is able to engage his/her opponent effectively within the four primary ranges of combat – punching, kicking, takedowns/ working in the clinch, and ground fighting.

Extreme has MMA classes for the athlete who wants to build an all-rounded skill set, as well as the everyday person seeking an effective, intense workout or a new challenging hobby.

For the beginner or novice

If you have had little or no experience in MMA training, our Beginner Classes are for you. The focus will primarily be on fight conditioning and basic techniques in the styles of BJJ, Thai Boxing and Wrestling. You will then be taught to assimilate the different skills that you have learnt – a great way to amp up your heart rate and pick up self-defence skills.

For the more advanced student

If you have previous experience in MMA training, and possess a reasonably well-rounded knowledge of BJJ, Wrestling and Thai Boxing, the Intermediate Classes are for you. They are fast-paced sessions which focus on more advanced techniques and sparring.