Sid’s interest in MMA training came from watching his own son participate in Wrestling classes.  Just over a year has passed since he’s decided to try it for himself and his results have shown – not just in his fitness, but also in his relationship with his 9-year-old.  Read on as Sid describes how father and son have joint their interests in becoming fitter and more resilient through Martial Arts.

“I initially came to Extreme for Wrestling courses for my son and was really impressed with the attention and quality of coaching he received.  After watching him do his classes for a couple of weeks and watching the other classes like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing and MMA, I found that I couldn’t sit and watch anymore.  Everyone looked like they are having lots of fun and were into what they were doing.  I just wanted to be part of that as well.  I was especially drawn to jiu-jitsu.

Before joining, I was reasonable fit and somewhat stocky at 98kgs.  I went to a regular gym a couple of times a week, doing the basic treadmill and light weight workouts.  Almost immediately after starting Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes, I realised that attention to fitness was a key factor at Extreme and that my previous workouts did not compare to what I was now asking my body to do.

It was really challenging and there were times that I was happy to have made it through the class, but the attitude of my classmates and the encouragement from the coaches kept me going.  Now, I’ve dropped 6+ kgs and have become lean, cut and strong.  I have learned not to give up with things seem hard or difficult.  My Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is getting better all the time.

Extreme MMA is a great experience.  I like the people I train with and respect the coaches that train me.  I’ve made friends and have lots of fun.  I’ve worked hard and I have achieved results.  My son and I share a common bond with our aches and pains but also with our skills and achievements.  Keep rolling! OSS!”

Extreme MMA’s classes are suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.  If you are looking for family-friendly activity that will have your loved ones adopting healthy habits and developing new skills, call your nearest academy under 1300 TRY MMA.