Extreme MMA provides local Melbourne boxing training that’s both effective and enjoyable. To find out more about this incredible sport, contact the team at Extreme MMA today!

Experience the amazing benefits of professional Melbourne boxing training

Like all sports, the quality of boxing training is incredibly important. At Extreme MMA we are well aware of that. We ensure that our clients are only trained by experienced and successful fighters. Join our boxing classes and experience the wealth of benefits waiting for you.

Melbourne boxing training at Extreme MMA provides a super combo of a strength and cardio workout

Participate in our boxing classes and enjoy improved cardiovascular fitness. But we’ll also throw in a range of skills including:

  • balance
  • general coordination
  • stamina
  • agility
  • hand eye coordination
  • flexibility
  • reactivity
  • muscular endurance
  • discipline
  • concentration
  • confidence
  • focus
  • recall

Boxing training is all about upper body? Not at all! You will enjoy an intense whole body workout that will sculpt and tone all your muscles. This is a holistic workout for your body and mind.

Punch away those extra calories

That’s right! Our boxing training will help you burn major calories. Really quickly! Boxing is a great way to drop extra kilograms, increase fitness and strength, and sculpt the body of a fighter. But you’ll beat more than calories when you participate in our boxing classes.

Jump in the ring and fight stress

There is something cathartic about boxing. Sure, physical exercise of any kind is meant to help alleviate stress. But, somehow, throwing punches works much better at combating stress. It’s a great way to release stress and tension. Plus, the high intensity of our boxing training means your brain will produce even more endorphins. Those are the ‘feel happy’ hormones that give you a healthy buzz.

Boxing is a tremendous sport for beginners and experienced fighters alike. Contact us to find out more!