By Felisha M. Mina

There’s an app for virtually everything these days. In this post, we’ve
hand-picked a selection for Mixed Martial Arts fans and practitioners.
Our suggestions below can either compliment your training or simply support your interest. So whether you’re a grappler, striker, or just a solid MMA follower, we recommend you jump on your phone and check out these downloads:

Ab Workouts MMA 
Providing workouts for fighter abs, this app is a simple and effective tool to assist with core exercises. Featuring how-to videos, an in-built timer, options for different fitness levels, and a photo progress tracker, you can sculpt your mid section anywhere and anytime. Free and paid versions are available. This is a
must-have for home-based workouts.
MMA workout

Interval Timer

Our favourite timer device, yet! Most MMA drills revolve around intervals, so this comes in handy for individuals training in their own time. Extras include customisable routines and options to play music while working out. It’s even linked with social media, so it’s never been easier to share what you’re doing.
If the ads get annoying, the full version can be purchased for the price of a cup of coffee.sss

Muay Thai 7 PRO-7 Minute Workout

Suitable for coaches or more experienced strikers, our favourite Muay Thai app offers circuit-style training in the palm of your hand. An understanding of boxing drills are required in order for it to be effective, but other than that, it’s super easy to use. Categorised drills are structured in order, and even consider “rest” periods. All you have to do to get moving, is hit the “start” button!

BJJ Training Journal
Grapplers love to get technical, which makes this app a winner when it comes to documenting any BJJ journey. Keep a record of mat time, record submissions and save your favourite YouTube clips in one place. If you’re the kind of person that likes to achieve results in a systematic fashion, you’ll dig this. We think the interface looks really neat, too.


The official app of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Pretty self explanatory, really. View and order upcoming cards, see fighter profiles, watch free videos and get all the latest news. It’s like the website, but more user friendly and easier to navigate. Definitely an essential for die-hard fanatics.

EA Sports UFC
Last but not least, here’s one for the gamers. Enter the Octagon, as you can choose to wear the gloves of fighters like Connor McGregor, Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson. Much like the sport itself, the aim is to get the championship belt through winning bouts. Purchase new athletes, upgrades and unlock skills as you go up the ranks. Just make sure you’ve got a lot of free storage on your phone, as the high-def visuals do take up room.