MMA Compared To Single Martial Art Practice

Mixed Martial Arts Training Melbourne

Fight Your Way To Better Health

Mixed Martial Arts takes the best of various martial arts styles and brings them together. This makes it more holistic and effective as a combat style than its predecessors.

MMA is now one of the most popular martial arts practices. There are MMA classes all over Melbourne, including Chadstone. Part of the reason for this is the popularity of MMA as a spectator sport. This is fantastic for uniting a community and inspiring people to push their MMA training to the next level.

MMA For Self Defence

MMA is the most developed, thorough form of martial arts. MMA teaches you how to defend yourself and sparring gives you an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can. Knowing that you can defend yourself, even against other trained opponents, provides a feeling of self-assurance and confidence in everyday life.

MMA For Health And Fitness

Martial Arts training is a whole new level of exercise. The group training nature of MMA means you have plenty of people to encourage you to attend and push your limits. MMA also has a competitive aspect, which helps many people set goals and feed off the rivalry. In an MMA sparring session, there is no time to slack off. This is a key element of martial arts that makes it superior to other training methods.

Mixed martial arts training can improve both physical and mental health. MMA is a discipline, and practicing techniques to achieve mastery also helps clear the mind. MMA classes in Melbourne are an excellent way to de-stress and recenter yourself.


For MMA classes in Melbourne, visit or call 1300 TRY MMA. Extreme MMA offers a range of martial arts classes in Chadstone.