muay thai melbourneMuay Thai has been developing in the Thailand region for hundreds of years. And it’s only in the last few years that it has become mainstream in Australia. We might be biased, but we love this powerful and fast martial art. Here are three of our top reasons to try Muay Thai Melbourne.

Full-body workout

There aren’t many other sports that give you such an amazing full-body workout. It uses a whole range of movements in a stylistic way, so all areas of your body are worked. The beauty of it is that it provides strength and cardio workout, so you’re building muscle and burning fat.

Effective defense

As well as fitness, you will gain a set of highly effective self-defence skills. Muay Thai has been developed over hundreds of years of real-world fighting scenarios. It uses every available part of the body to attack and defend.

Discipline and focus

Despite being an effective form self-defense using powerful punches and kicks, Muay Thai will teach you how to focus and commit. Even by joining up to a regular class, you’ll be learning commitment. The art of Muay Thai encourages calmness and solid decision-making in the face of stress. After taking Muay Thai classes, you will find that this sense of calm translates to your everyday life, too.

There are many more reasons to get into Muay Thai Melbourne. Why not try out a class at Extreme MMA to find out more of the benefits of this awesome sport for yourself.