By Felisha M. Mina


If you’re the kind of person who either gets bored at a gym or finds that conventional exercises (like running), can get repetitive, perhaps MMA classes are the thing for you! Today, more and more women are reaping the results from Mixed Martial Arts and the perks are far beyond physical. In fact, research proves that activities like boxing classes, Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are beneficial for the body, mind, and even social life. So if it’s not just about getting fit or becoming more confident, what is it about MMA that makes it such an effective aerobic workout? Read on, ladies…

1. It’s a fun way to do cardio that will have you melting the fat away!
Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima, went from giving birth to a catwalk body in just EIGHT weeks. Her miracle weight loss secret? BOXING! MMA training tops the list of cardio due to its’ high intensity and constant activity. Compare it to an hour on the treadmill or a brisk walk, and you’ve got yourself a diverse workout where time goes so fast, you won’t even feel the need to watch the clock. Combine this with a diet that’s full of lean meat and vegetables, and you’ll get that ultra-lean look in no time.

2. It’s a therapeutical workout that will help you distress
Us women are the queens of multitasking. From working, organising dinner dates, paying the bills, planning birthdays, scheduling hair appointments and doing chores around the house, it’s no doubt we NEED some time to detach ourselves from the errands of daily life. Sometimes we have “one of those days” where nothing’s going right and we just want to let off some steam. Releasing any kind of frustration on the mats is proven to be effective in ridding anger or stress, and there’s no better way to do it than to hit a few punching bags, or have a good wrestle.

3. It will make you more disciplined
Having strong willpower is key when it comes to fighting temptation against bad habits. The way to improve it, is to put it into practice more often. Discipline is one of the fundamentals of martial arts and training in MMA means you develop skills like punctuality, self control, commitment, focus and resilience. It begins from coming to class on time, listening to instructions, doing undesired reps when you’re tired, and sticking it out through an entire workout without walking out.

4. In addition to learning some sweet moves, it teaches self defence
To know how to protect yourself adds piece of mind. You’ll never know when it could come in handy, so it’s good to know what action to take, if you, or any of your friends are stuck in an unfortunate situation. In case you want that added security, don’t forget about that solid network you’ve built at the academy – they’ll have your back and can defend you, so no matter what, you’ll pretty much be looked after!

5. Guys dig it!
These days, it’s quite commonplace for women to hit the gym, take part in boot camp classes or be involved in team sports. Men are already attracted to women who take pride in their health and fitness, so what more if they find out that you’re into MMA?! It’s one of those rare but cool hobbies that will earn you brownie points on your first date, and if you want to impress even further, just initiate a conversation about UFC. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re single – you’ll no doubt meet some fit material on the BJJ mats.