13996272_1051749841528684_5879170848560080227_oThose of us who train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), know that being involved in the community requires a certain degree of investment – both in time and money.  Just like any regular, gym-based activity, the commitment to be part of this subculture asks that an individual will have budget, to an extent.  From clothing, health foods, supplements and PT sessions…at first glance, the expenses do add up.  What’s interesting to see, however, is that a lot of people who participate in MMA are a mix of students, professionals, parents, and couples, who each somehow manage to pay the bills and even have some good time on the weekend.
How do they it?  The secret is in making a combination of small lifestyle changes.  Whether you are renting, paying off a debt, saving up for a house or putting money aside for traveling, there are ways to make sure that your fitness will never have to take the backseat. 

Pack your meals

This is really a no-brainer.  A majority of expenses go towards satisfying hunger, but if you’ve got common sense, you’ll acknowledge that staying organised can save you BIG time.  A daily cafe lunch, on average, will cost anywhere between $15 to $25. Multiply that by 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year…you see where we’re going.  Over a long period of time, laziness to prepare will reflect in both your bank and your waist.  Most takeaway or restaurant items generally contain a lot more condiments, fat and sodium than homemade dishes, so you’ll be doing your health a big favour, too.

Invest in a drink bottle

Do you find yourself buying water before every session?  It may seem like just a few bucks here and there, but when think about this over an extended period, it amounts to a few hundred dollars!  A durable drink bottle is a small price to pay for long-term investment.  It may not seem like you’re making an obvious saving, but remember – budgeting strategies are all about cutting back on those costs that may seem minor to begin with.  This also goes to ensuring that you’re filling up on the H2O, as opposed to the sugary stuff.

Make a commitment to train on the weekend

Take advantage of the Saturday morning sessions!  When you tell yourself you’ll be having an early workout, chances are, that you won’t be spending for a big night beforehand.  A depth of research has also shown that exercising first thing can improve both diet choices and mood throughout the day.

Easy on the alcohol

There’s no problem with having a few on the occasion, but be aware that regular drinking can really send your balance spiralling down.  Especially when you’re purchasing individual servings from bars and restaurants.  Same deal kind of applies for soft drinks, juices and smoothies. It’s okay every now and then, but if it becomes a habit, then it will really abuse your debit card.

Swap the mid-week social catch up for a training session

If there’s a regular person in your life that you catch up with for coffees or dinners, try to invite them to an MMA class instead.  The weekly spending can go towards your self-improvements instead, as the both of you can work on your individual goals together.  Making this switch can also lead to improved dinner choices.

Find ways to help your academy

This advice works on a case-by-case basis, but you can ask your Head Coach if there are ways to save on fees.  For example, senior Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) students can assist with coaching classes or helping new students.  Maybe it’s a matter of staying back a few minutes before and after a workout to clean the facility?  A great example at Extreme is that we award a $100 cash back for every referral, rewarding current members who sign their mates up.  Now, if that isn’t the easiest way to make some moolah, we don’t know what is.


Ask around during class, and you’ll probably find that a lot of your fellow training partners also live locally.  As long as your schedules are similar, it’s super convenient to rock up together and save that little bit of petrol money. By doing so, you’ll also be less likely to make excuses to avoid training.  In fact, there are a number of benefits that come out of having regulars training partners, so why not also make the whole thing more enjoyable by making it a social gathering.

Extreme MMA’s programs are suited to fit any lifestyle or budget. To speak to someone about how you can fit Mixed Martial Arts training into your schedule, call your nearest academy under 1300 TRY MMA.