Why is Boxing in Chadstoneboxing so great?

It’s no secret that boxing is a sport that is full of tradition and history – starting back in Ancient Greek times, it was an Olympic sport where two men were place in a ring together to fight it out: much like it remains in today.


Boxing soon became a worldwide sport, which is how its popularity grew so rapidly. The great thing about boxing is that you don’t have to be an expert in the craft to actually enjoy the sport. Forget the techniques and words like jab and uppercut, just enjoy watching the fight and cheering on your favourite fighter.


The other great thing about boxing is that you can enjoy and learn the art of the sport, without ever having to face an opponent in the ring. Boxing is a great form of exercise where you can learn all about doing the uppercut and the correct arm and footwork and use it as a workout. It is great for cardio and your call and you can practise it alone or with a boxing partner. Either way, there are many benefits to this sport.


Whether you love watching the sport, want to learn the art, or are just after a great way to enjoy some cardio exercise, the team at Extreme MMA can help you out. Visit their centre today and find the right class for you to start and move through.

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