Written by Jerica Bronson

Keeping fit is a challenge that never stops. In order to keep progressing, you need to make sure that your body is constantly tested. MMA training is one of most sustainable ways to exercise as there is consistent progression. Yet, no matter which discipline you follow, hitting a training plateau is very common. This is why even the best combat athletes in the world cross-train in order to stay ahead of their competition.

In this article will look at why people hit training plateaus and how to avoid them.

What causes training plateaus?

The most common cause is adaptation. When you tax your body to a level it isn’t used to, it adapts to the pressure. Once your body has adapted and you don’t adjust your exercise routine, you won’t start seeing anymore results. Chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise Cedric X told US News “the body has an amazing capacity to adapt. When it’s exposed to the same type of training stimulus time after time, you’ll see some loss in response to that stimulus because the body has become so accustomed to that challenge.” If you fail to push passed this adaption your initial gains could be undone.

The key to beating adaption is variety. You need to keep challenging your body so it doesn’t become comfortable with the exercises you’re doing. This is why good combat athletes are always changing how they train so that they are continually improving every aspect of their fighting ability. When lifting weights, increase your load progressively or switch to a higher number of reps. Shadowbox one day, then spar the next. Do things that will keep your body guessing.

In this case you can take a page out of the Conor McGregor training playbook. The brash Irishman has championed movement training, which emphasises fluidity, precision, and awareness. It has no doubt done wonders for McGregor, who now considers himself “a master of movement.” That mastery of movement, in turn, has helped turn McGregor into a global superstar. Not coincidentally, McGregor’s meteoric rise coincides with him becoming a disciple of Ido Portal. The renowned movement coach, himself a martial artist, constantly challenges McGregor with unusual movement patterns, and these add a layer of unpredictability to the former UFC champ’s training routines, which he can then replicate in competition.



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