Extreme MMA offers amazing martial arts training, including kids kickboxing in Melbourne. We are passionate about all forms of martial arts, and bring superb training to the kids of Melbourne. With phenomenal facilities and world class professional coaches, this is the best option by far. Your kids have so much to gain by entering the world of Extreme MMA.

Discover the benefits of kids kickboxing classes

Extreme MMA offers professional yet enjoyable kids kickboxing classes. Our kids kickboxing in Melbourne covers all levels. Each class is specially tailored to the students’ abilities, ensuring that they get the maximum benefit when they train with us. Our approach is an inclusive one. We believe that everyone can find enjoyment and fitness in the realm of the martial arts.

Professional kickboxing coaches

Expert training ensures that kids will enjoy each session. But it’s not just about enjoyment. Our classes are designed to enable them to develop important skills and therefore grow their confidence. Their form and fitness will improve under the watchful eyes of our professional coaching. Like all martial arts, kickboxing comes with its risks of injuries. This is one of the reasons why kids will only receive professional training at Extreme MMA. We adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to selecting all our trainers, thereby ensuring all our students receive only the very best training.

There are so many reasons why you should seriously consider enrolling your kids in our kickboxing classes. Not only will they have fun in the classes, they will learn the form and discipline that comes with any true martial arts training. And they will also get much stronger and fitter. In short, your kids’ mental, emotional, and physical health will benefit from our classes. It’s an investment from which they will truly benefit.

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