It’s human nature to seek company and want positive reinforcement from others. To back this up, recent studies have proven that working out with a friend increases physical participation and drastically improves fitness levels. This is particularly important for MMA practitioners, because most workouts require two to tango. Don’t have a regular training partner yet? If you want to stop plateauing and are serious about transforming your lifestyle, then it’s time to get one.

Accelerated results

With a familiar face to track your progress and to push you in every training session, it’s almost guaranteed that those who have regular partners are more likely to meet their goals than those who do it alone. There’s double the commitment, and therefore double the chances to do well.  For long-term success, pick someone who is equally as motivated and willing to stick to schedule.

It’s more fun!

To train hard means to put in the work, but having a training partner reduces that idea of exerting effort. Having good company means you’re more likely to have a great time and perform better – and that doesn’t just apply to staying fit, but for all other aspects in life as well. MMA culture is all about staying active and being social, making it substantially more enjoyable that other hobbies that are done alone. 

Increased motivation

Sometimes a single text from a friend is all it takes to make the difference between rocking up to training and taking a night off. Particularly with the cooler seasons approaching, it can be tempting to slide into poor habits, eat comforting food and choose the couch over the gym. When you have someone to keep tabs with, it’s a lot harder to make excuses. Nobody likes to be the unreliable one that always cancels, so that added pressure is there to remind you that your health is priority.

It’s a healthy way to have regular catch-ups

We’ve all been there. We have a bit of banter with old mates on Facebook or run into them at events and suggest to catch up, but yep – you know what happens next. Life gets in the way and once the moment passes, we never actually get around to scheduling those outings. Fortunately with MMA training, it’s easy to see your best pals and form good habits in the process.  

You’ll become better friends / partners

Those who train together, stay together! It’s no surprise, considering that exercise increases energy levels, reduces stress and sends chemicals to our brain to put us in a good mood. So whether your training partner is a high school friend, colleague or spouse, you can set up some friendly competition and move in the right direction, both on and off the mats.

Extreme MMA’s timetables are designed for those with busy schedules. Morning, midday and evening sessions are spread 6 days a week and coaches are even available for private group sessions. To book in a session or find out more, call your nearest academy under 1300 TRY MMA.