Melbourne Boxing Class

Boxing Classes in Melbourne are an Excellent Way to Improve your Fitness

Boxing is a classic sport. It’s been one of the most watched forms of entertainment for decades, selling front row tickets at some outrageous prices. But it’s not just a spectator sport, and it can be done without testing the structural integrity of your nose. There’s always some risk, but the difference between training and competing is like the difference between driving to work and NASCAR.

Boxing classes run by a professional Melbourne MMA trainer are fun and effective ways to improve your health. This article will take you through the top 5 reasons why.

Boxing is Fun

Running on a treadmill or lifting weights are great ways to lose weight and build muscle. Constant repetition of movements creates muscle fatigue and burns calories. But, and dedicated gym junkies might consider this sacrilege, by God it gets boring.

Boxing isn’t repetitive. It’s a ‘live’ training session. You have to improvise, think on your feet, and respond to your training partners. After all, you train for fitness, not boredom.

A Thriving Community

As I said, boxing is a spectator sport. You don’t have to follow the sport to train any more than you have to train to follow the sport. But if you do, you’ll have a constant source of inspiration in the legends and underdogs of the sport. Boxing is also a part of the wider martial arts community.

Your Melbourne boxing class is a community too, filled with like-minded sparring partners who will encourage and challenge you.

Build Confidence

Melbourne boxing classes help build confidence. Boxing Training will show you what you’re really capable of and help you improve. Proving you can defend yourself if the need ever arose is an awesome feeling. This is an inner calm that only martial arts training can provide.

Set and Measure Goals Easily

Use the competitive element to set your goals. Decide who you want to be able to best in a sparring match and achieve it. Friendly rivalry is one of the biggest advantages to boxing over weight lifting or jogging. If you like the idea of official ‘levels’, you might be interested in some other martial art training styles.

Full Body & Full Intensity

Boxing engages your whole body, including muscles usually under stimulated. This makes it an exceptionally holistic work out. It also engages primal parts of your mind, keeping you hyper-aware and always moving for the whole session. It’s much harder to slack off in a sparring session than on a treadmill.

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