brazilian-jiu-jitsu-2052806_640 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ is a martial art practice that involves teaching you how to defend yourself from a larger opponent through techniques that work on gaining leverage over them. It is a great self defence art to learn and there are many benefits for kids as well.


Learning this art helps children learn and practice their fine motor skills, becoming more aware of their body and what they can achieve in the process. Their balance and coordination is increased through techniques they learn. These skills are useful in all aspects of their lives.


As kids are taught new skills and learn self defence techniques, they will gain a big boost in confidence as they improve along the way. As they become more confident in the skills they are learning, this will flow over into their school and social life.


One great thing about BJJ classes is that they don’t run by seasons like other sports. It is something kids can take part in all year long, meeting new friends in the process. These friends will learn and grow with them and it’s a great way for kids to develop social skills in a comfortable setting where they share something in common.

If you are looking at putting your kids into BJJ classes, then check out the ones running at Extreme MMA. Taught by professionals in their field, your kids will learn the correct techniques and have fun doing so.