mixed-martial-arts-1045215_640Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts has been around for decades. As a full-combat sport, it uses a mixture of techniques from other sports and forms of martial arts, which has seen to its rise in popularity over the years. There are many different reasons people are choosing to take up MMA training in Melbourne.


By learning a variety of combat skills and self-defense moves, it is only natural that your confidence will grow in the process. You will trust in yourself to be able to fight and stand up for yourself if the need arises.

Good Workout

MMA training also provides you with a great physical workout. It will build up your cardio and muscles in the process, and the best part about it, it doesn’t feel like a workout at all.


Unlike heading to the gym or doing a workout at home, MMA training is also a social experience. You are able to meet like minded people who are there to help you achieve your goals, while having a good laugh with you in the process.


MMA training is also a good challenge that you can set yourself. You are able to give yourself weekly skills and train with a professional to ensure you are learning something new each week.

If you are looking to do MMA training in Melbourne, check out Extreme MMA. They have a great variety of MMA classes on offer that cater to all ages and abilities. Simply give them a call and book in your first session today.