Extreme MMA provides the very best MMA training in Melbourne. Contact us to find out more about our superb classes, trainers, and facilities.

Experience professional MMA training in Melbourne.

Extreme MMA provides professional MMA (mixed martial arts) trainers and facilities. Whether you are new to the world of MMA, or are an experienced fighter, you can enjoy world class facilities right here in Melbourne.

All our trainers have had vast experience in MMA. Their past victories are testament to their skills, mindset, and techniques. They are the ideal men and women to train others in MMA. You will only find the very best, experienced trainers here at Extreme MMA.

Our MMA training in Melbourne will develop the physical and mental skills you need to be a great fighter.

If you are looking to develop a great physique, our MMA training in Melbourne will deliver just that. Strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility. All of these are developed as you participate in our MMA classes. You will be amazed by the effects you enjoy from attending classes led by professional trainers. But there’s more…

The martial arts are well known for developing a mindset characterised by discipline, focus, determination, and perseverance. That is certainly the case when it comes to mixed martial arts training. You will more than likely find that when you go back to the workplace, you will have greater concentration and productivity. And that’s because of the quality of Extreme MMA’s MMA training in Melbourne.

But all this takes place in a relaxed environment. We might be very serious when it comes to the quality of the training and facilities we offer, but we also cultivate a relaxed atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves. At Extreme MMA you will have fun, forge new friendships, and hone your mixed martial arts skills.

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