Stop wondering about boxing classes Melbourneboxing classes melbourne

If you’ve ever seen a live boxing match, or have even watched one on TV, you would understand how machine-like these elite athletes must be to make it through round after round in the ring. But why should you, a regular person, take up boxing classes in Melbourne?

It builds stamina

Anyone who has ever tried boxing will tell you that continuously jabbing a pad or punching bag for even a minute is hard work. Unlike other forms of lower intensity exercise, boxing requires a sustained, high intensity effort.

It increases coordination

Where running on a treadmill or lifting weights require you to focus on just one area of the body, boxing forces you to coordinate multiple muscle groups. Arms and shoulders are obviously used, but your core and legs are also engaged as you synchronise your hits, ducks and footwork.

It has mental benefits

After a long day in the office, there’s nothing like getting your mitts on and releasing your pent-up frustrations through a boxing workout. Many boxers say that it’s almost like a form of meditation – the rhythmic repeated movements help you become calm and focused.

It’s a great workout

As well as all these benefits, boxing is an excellent full-body workout. After all, Rocky Balboa didn’t get to look like he did by jogging!

Extreme MMA offers all kinds of boxing and Mixed Martial Arts classes, for people of all fitness levels. It’s never too late to try boxing and experience its many benefits for yourself.