We hear it all the time that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So we have put together some fighter breakfast ideas to help you win the day.

Here’s why these fighter breakfast ideas are important:

Eating properly is not only good for your health, but it gives your performance that all-important boost. Quality food will give you much better quality sleep. That’s just one of the reasons why better nutrition means better energy levels. And of course, we don’t need to spell out how it will benefit you to have more energy that your opponent!

A great diet is an important tool in achieving a fighting fit body composition. We’re talking about increased muscle mass and lower body fat. In addition, you’ll also experience enhanced endurance coupled with a much quicker recovery between workouts and fights. How is that for a win?!

Our top 3 breakfasts for fighters:

Oats are packed with fibre and slow digesting carbohydrates. Before you come with the argument that oats taste like cardboard, hear us out. You can add a range of nutritious goodies to up the flavour of your morning bowl of oatmeal. Spices, fruit, coconut flakes, nuts, and even nut butters are some of our favourite additions.

Eggs are a breakfast staple for a reason. They are packed with nutrition and especially protein. In fact, eggs are one of the best sources of protein out there. Prepare them however you want: scrambled, poached, boiled, omelettes, etc. You can even pop cooked eggs into a wrap, sandwich, or salad.

Some of you might not feel that you have enough time to prepare and eat a cooked breakfast every morning. That’s exactly why smoothies were invented. All you need to do is throw a combination of healthy ingredients into a blender, whiz it up, and drink it on the go. You can choose your favourite combo of delish ingredients: vegetables, fruit, yoghurt, almond milk, coconut milk, protein powder, etc.

So let us know: what is your favourite fighter breakfast?