Extreme MMA offers the best Melbourne Brazilian jiu jitsu. From beginners to experienced fighters, enjoy incredible training with experienced BJJ experts.

Why we offer Melbourne Brazilian jiu jitsu

It is well known that Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) is a fantastic martial art. Born and bred in the heart of South America, this is a fighting style that requires true passion and energy. Like many of the martial arts, proper training will sculpt and tone your physique as you build incredible strength, agility, and fitness. It’s one of the reasons why Brazilian jiu jitsu became popular amongst the Hollywood set. But don’t let celebrities put you off. Here at Extreme MMA we offer true, skilled Brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne.

Learn from the masters of Brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne

If you want to learn something, it stands to reason that you need to learn from someone who has excelled in that particular field. This is especially the case when it comes to mixed martial arts. We believe that only experienced and successful fighters provide a truly worthwhile training experience. Having learnt the skills, techniques, form, and professional execution, our coaches are the real deal. That’s why if you are looking to train in Melbourne Brazilian jiu jitsu is best taught at Extreme MMA. You need to contact Extreme MMA.

Are you curious to learn more about Brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne? Come along to Extreme MMA to see authentic BJJ training. Are you an experienced fighter? Then you will appreciate the professional training facilities and world class coaching on offer at Extreme MMA.

We believe that everyone – from novice to successful fighter – deserves professional level training. That’s why we provide the very best facilities for those looking to participate in Brazilian jiu jitsu in Melbourne. For the very best coaching, contact us to find out more.