kids kickboxing

Kids kickboxing

Every child is different, and has different needs. But one thing we know is that all children need to be physically and mentally active to be happy and healthy. Kids kickboxing is a great form of exercise that is loved by all ages. Here are four reasons why it’s a great choice for your child.

Getting active

As our national weight problem continues to rise, unfortunately this has implications for our younger generation. Kids kickboxing is a great way to keep them active. This is because, unlike other sports and activities, it’s fun and fast paced, so it doesn’t feel like exercise.

Learning to fail

Part of kickboxing is that you have to learn how to take a hit. Obviously this is in a safe and controlled environment. However, it still teaches your kids an important lesson: that it’s ok to get hit, fall down, and get back up again.

Gaining confidence

Kickboxing, and in fact many martial arts, are a brilliant way to help kids come out of their shells. As they slowly learn and master each level, they will grow in confidence and self-respect. As well as that, they’ll have a ready-made group of friends.

Being patient

Many children struggle with concepts such as being patient and waiting their turn. The structured nature of a kickboxing class gently reinforces these concepts, in a fun way. They will learn that practice makes perfect, and that good things come to those who wait.
Whatever your reason to get your kids active, now is the perfect time to start kickboxing classes. Chat to the team at Extreme MMA to find out how to get your kids into a class.