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Boxing is a popular sport that involves fighting using fists with gloves on in the confines of a roped off boxing ring. Professional boxing emerged in the early 20th Century when it became a legitimate sport. There have been many famous boxers throughout history, including Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Carl Frampton, and more. But boxing training has so many benefits to offer everyone.


Benefits on Offer:

  • Fat burning: first and foremost, boxing is a great form of exercise. It involves high intensity training to help you burn plenty of calories in the process. Boxing can definitely help you out when you are looking to lose weight.


  • Stress relief: boxing training is also the perfect stress release. It provides you with a chance to escape from your life and relieve some of the stresses you have in a controlled environment. It will allow you to leave feeling much calmer and relaxed.


  • Hand-eye coordination: Boxing tests your reflexes and allows you to develop your hand-eye coordination. You can improve your fine motor skills in the process, dodging punches and hitting targets.


  • Meet new people: by undertaking boxing training you have the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. By taking one of the boxing classes at Extreme MMA, you will lose weight while having fun.


  • Confidence: each lesson you take part in is an introduction to new skills and new experiences and as you progress you will find you gain in confidence.