Muay Thai, the Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai Techniques Utilise The Entire Body

Muay Thai Techniques Utilise The Entire Body

Muay Thai, or Thai Kickboxing, is known as the art of eight limbs. It earned this name for its unique use of the entire body. The points are fists, elbows, knees, and shins. A practitioner must utilise each point to the fullest extent to be successful.


Train With True Vigor

Muay Thai is anything but dull. Honed over 2,000 years, the striking techniques used take advantage of any opening no matter how slight. This means that you absolutely cannot let any part of your guard down for a moment in a sparring session. Full commitment with every part of your body is an essential skill in Thai Boxing and one you will learn quickly. Training in this way will help you discover little used muscles and turn your entire body into a well drilled machine.

Strength, Fitness, And Weight Loss

Thai Boxing classes require you to be lean and fast. Each strike must deliver maximum effectiveness. To achieve this, your body is driven to burn fat and strengthen quick twitch muscle fibers. With consistent training, you will turn your body into a chiseled martial arts weapon, with perfect coordination and flawless focus.

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